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How to Price Your Home

Do what homebuyers do: compare. Have a seasoned real estate professional with experience in your area compare your home to others that have recently sold, are under contract and on the market. Be realistic. Be objective.

Once you’ve set the price and started advertising, monitor feedback from the market to determine if you’re “on the money” or you need to adju st.

How Not to Price Your Home

·                                 What a refinance or home equity loan appraisal said.

·                                 What the price/square foot is in Birmingham…or anywhere else.

·                                 What the County Assessor’s valuation is.

·                                 What the house up the street sold for a year ago, especially if it’s different than yours.

·                                 What the home up the street is on the market for, especially if it hasn’t sold after 6 months.

·                                 What you need in order to buy your next home.

Call Jona for a comprehensive market analysis based on a thorough investigation of your home. Setting the price is not smoke-and-mirrors, but it does require time, effort and experience in the marketplace to do it well.


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